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Stockholms Footballs Cup 2018

Our vision is that Stockholms Footballs Cup will be the greatest football tournament for young people in the world. The idea is primarily to have girls and boys from all over the world play soccer against each other and have fun. Football is the biggest sport in the world and is a strong factor that children acquire healthy sporting habits, make friends and learn to develop their social behavior. In our tournament matches are played in central Stockholm and therefore you will also be able to enjoy Stockholm in the summer.

Matches will be played on both artificial turf and natural grass.

Who can join?

All teams are welcome to register. The team must be a member of the football association in their country. The tournament begins with group play. Teams are divided into groups where they meet each other once. The first and second team in the group qualify for the A-finals, the other teams in the group for the B-finals. For 5-persons teams there will be no table, nor playoffs will be applied.

FIFA rules apply in all relevant areas, otherwise in accordance with the Swedish Football Association rules.

All players must be insured, both for games and leisure time. This is something that the tournament do not deal with. The tournament is played  from 4 – 8 JULI.