Prices & Fees

Team fee

The team fee is 2095 SEK for all teams in all classes except for 5 persons team. In 5 persons team the fee is 990 SEK. Registration is not valid until the team fee is paid. Should the class be full then the team registration will be on the waiting list. Full refund if the team should not get a place in the tournament. Depending on accommodation there will be an extra fee for participating players and coaches. The team registration fee includes two coaches.

Runners start

Category A: – Accommodation at Stockholm School:

In this category you need to take with you bed and sheets/sleeping bag. It includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that are eaten at the given school/site. The first meal is Aug 10 and last Sunday. A maximum of four coaches per team may stay in the school with the players. All who stays at the school pay accommodation costs.
Cost per registered player: 1350 SEK
Cost per coaches: 1350 SEK per coach

Category B – accommodation in hotels or youth hostels:

This category can only be booked through us. Breakfast is always included. Lunch and dinner tickets for meals at nearby schools can be purchased at self cost.
Cost per registered player: 1650 SEK
Cost per coaches: 1650 SEK per coach

The Stockholm Card